Feet on Ground Exercise


Feet on Ground is a quick to practice, easy and effective exercise that can help adults and children reduce stress, and come back to the present moment when they are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, dissociated etc.

This can be practiced anywhere and if you are in a natural environment then take the opportunity to have bare feet and connect to the earth/grass etc.

If you are somewhere else where you can’t remove your shoes, such as a child who is in school then that is also fine. This exercise is especially good when your child is sitting at their desk etc.

♥ Have you child take a deep breath and tune into the sensations in their feet as their feet touch the ground.

♥ Get them to notice the feeling of their feet in their socks, in their shoes, and the pressure caused from their shoes on the ground.

♥ Get them to notice how their feet connect to the ground and the sensations they can notice.

♥ If your child is sitting down then they can also tune into the different sensations felt by their body being in the chair – their legs on the seat and their back against the back of the chair.

♥ As they notice these sensations, they can take a few deep breaths.

This is a short and quick exercise that can be practiced anywhere to help ground your child (or you) in the moment by bringing  their attention back to awareness of the body and its connection to the ground. InShaAllah.