Let’s Work On Ourselves!

It starts with us! Before we can teach or demonstrate anything to our children we need to ensure that we are ‘practising what we’re preaching!’

‘Children are astute and very quick to notice if we are being inauthentic or hypocritical, so we need to work on ourselves e.g. learn to manage our own emotions; overcome our own fears etc before we can expect our children to do the same, especially on our say so.

Working on ourselves is also a central element of our Islamic faith and forms part of the Jihad Al Nafs, and as the well known saying attests, ‘He who knows himself knows his Lord’.

Psychological approaches in conjunction with Islamic teachings provide a wealth of valuable tools and insights to help us work on and develop ourselves InShaAllah.


The articles below include psychological education, insights, strategies as well as things to reflect upon, and where possible are integrated with an Islamic perspective. Please note, the information below is to help with self reflection and personal development and is not a substitute for counselling or therapy. If you are struggling with anxiety, depression or other mental health conditions that are impacting your daily life, then do seek help from your GP or a qualified mental health professional.