Home Education/Home Schooling

Many Muslim families are looking into, or choosing, home education / home schooling as an alternative to sending their children to school, particularly those of us raising children in the West.

With the increasing secularisation of society and pushing of harmful ideologies such as those underlying Relationship & Sex Education in schools, home education can provide an alternate enriching experience where children can receive a bespoke education in line with Islamic morals and teachings.

However it is not a nessarily easy route, especially if families lack support and confidence. It is therefore essential that we pull together as a community to help support those who choose to home educate their children.


On this page you’ll find links to articles that will touch on the practicalities of home education but also articles that look at the mental health and wellbeing aspects involved in successful home education. It is also our aim InShaAllah, when/if time permits, to develop further resources to support the Muslim Home Schooling community. We do run an online meet up for families interested in or already home educating so do get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

Help is Available! Useful Resources for Home Schoolers

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Tired of Juggling?: Time Management Tips For Exhausted Home Schoolers

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