Journalling Prompts & Questions for Adults

Below are some ideas and suggestions in the form of prompts and questions to help get you started when journalling.

Pick a prompt or question and begin writing without thinking too much – just see what emerges. Or spend some time reflecting first but again afterwards just start writing freely. The key is to not judge yourself or what you are writing.

Remember – as well or instead of – writing you can also draw, doodle and use whichever method of exploration works best for you.

Happy Journalling!



♥ My biggest challenge

♥ My greatest fear

♥ My one wish

♥ A regret

♥ Success

♥ Feeling Alone

♥ Things to Let go of

♥ True Friendship

♥ Attachments

♥ Good Deeds

♥ Hidden Blessings

♥ Forgiveness

♥ Wasting Time

♥ A painful event

♥ Finding my voice

♥ My main insecurity

♥ Conflict

♥ Home

Select, Reflect & Journal about ….


♥ A Quranic verse

♥ A Hadith

♥ One of Allah’s Names

♥ A Virtue or a Vice

♥ An Islamic idiom/saying (e.g. Allah Tests those Who he loves)

Questions ???

♥ What strengths can you identify in yourself?

♥ What characteristics would you like to develop in yourself?

♥ Describe yourself in 5 words or 5 qualities

♥ Who is your role model and why?

♥ What weaknesses can you identify in yourself?

♥ What tests your patience?

♥What sins have you committed today?

♥ What judgements or assumptions have you made about people today/this week?

♥ Who did you serve today?

♥ Did you backbite or say anything you regret?

♥ What do you prioritize?

♥ What did you avoid today and why?

♥ The most important thing to me is …..

♥ How can you improve your spiritual practice/ibaadah?

♥ Which emotion do you struggle with?

♥ What makes you angry/happy/sad/anxious?

♥ How do you manage your emotions?

♥ What messages did you absorb from your family about emotions as a child?