Children Are Our Mirrors

It is by going into the dirt and the dark recesses that the waterlilly finds nourishment to grow and bloom.

In the same way it is only when we work through our own dark sides and hidden issues that we can then move towards our potential as humans.

Children are our mirrors and often reflect to us the very things we need to work on in ourselves.

Take time to reflect upon (and write in your journal if you use one) the different traits about your children, or children in general if you don’t have any, that raise an emotional response in yourself.


For example:

Does your child have alot of anger? If so what is your relationship to anger? Do you suppress or deny your own anger? Are you afraid of anger? Are your prone to angry outbursts yourself? Do you or your family have passive aggressive tendencies? 

Does it frustrate you when children make a mess? What messages did you receive as a child regarding making mess? What does making a mess evoke in you? What feelings?

Reflect on traits within your own children as well as what causes you to experience an emotional reaction. Writing or journaling as you think is a particularly effective way of gaining insight into yourself and in uncovering areas to work on.

Please note: Look after yourself and if you have experienced childhood trauma that may be triggered by such an exercise either choose something else to work on, and/or seek the help of a mental health professional if you are struggling emotionally.