Journalling Prompts & Questions for Children

Journalling can be a great way to help children develop a daily practice that that helps them get into the habit of reflecting and focussing on different aspects of their faith such as gratitude to Allah (swt).

 It can be equally useful for getting them into the habit of thinking about their feelings and what they can do to manage them, which will help with their own emotional regulation and psychological wellbeing. 

Children often prefer to draw or paint rather than write so ensure you have plenty of pens, crayons etc to enable them to express themselves creatively.

Younger children may also need more guidance from parents or carers and they may benefit from a more structured approach. 



 The prompts and questions below can help you get started with your child InShaAllah. There is also a free journal page printable with some suggestions which you can download at the bottom of this page InShaAllah.

Islamic Prompts

Draw a picture of Allah’s creation eg a bee, a flower, the sun, the eye, a mountain etc – if there is a relevant Qur’anic verse or hadith then the parent can discuss this with their child to help get them thinking…

Select one of Allah’s (swt) Names – draw/colour in etc. If possible help your child to reflect on the meaning and how it may manifest in the child’s life. E.g. Al Karim – the Most Generous you can get your child to think about what he/she has and to draw pictures or write about it> Then discuss how your child can embody this virtue and draw or write about ways they can become generous in their daily lives.

Ask your child to select an Islamic role model and help them identify what they admire about this personality, their characteristics, qualities, virtues etc and discuss ways your child can become more like them. Your child can then draw or write about what you’ve discussed.

Questions ???

♥ If you were an animal, what would it be and why?

♥ The best thing that happened today

♥ The worse thing that happened today

♥ How do I feel today?

♥ If you could have a superpower what would it be?

♥ What superpower do you already have?

♥ If you had 3 wishes/duas what would they be?

♥ 3 things I’m grateful to Allah (swt) for today

♥ How has Allah (swt) helped me today?

♥ 3 things I like about myself

♥ What would I like to be better at?

♥ Who do I love and why?

♥ My favourite Islamic role model

♥ A time I was brave

♥ A time I was kind and helped others

♥ A time I was patient

♥ Draw a picture of your Anger Monster

♥ 5 ways I can calm myself when I feel angry, scared etc

♥ If I had one wish …..

♥ Things that make me happy

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